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Sure Cure by Paul Witt 
Directions : Skin out the deer head as usual, turn the ears, lips and eyes. Flesh off all of the red meat(Rough Flesh). Salt or Sodium Sulfate the cape thoroughly.  Hang up and let drip for 2 or 3 hours or overnight if needed.  The salt or sodium sulfate will draw most of the fluids from the cape.  After it has dripped, wash cape thoroughly using Kemal 4 or some other detergent.  Rinse in clear water, make sure it is washed enough to get all of the salt out.  Flesh cape completely.  Put Sure-Cure in spray bottle and spray a moderate coat on raw side of entire cape.  It will absorb in a very few minutres.  Put a little tanning oil on inside of nose pad and around eyes and mount as usual.
Directions: For game heads. Clean form off with lacquer thinner or acetone. Lightly sand detailed area as desired. Mix equal parts of sure-bond thoroughly. Apply moderate amount on form with a paint brush. Slip skin on form and make all adjustments with in 3 to 5 hrs.
Directions: For fish fins. Apply moderate amount with a small brush on both sides of fins. Drys over night and leaves fish fins flexible and slightly flesh color. 
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This is a true tan that is very simple to use . Simply rough flesh the skin, place the skin in krowtann mixture for 3-4 days , then neutralize and do your final fleshing . The skin is now ready to mount . Complete intructions included. There is no PH to check . See catalog for KROW-OIL AND KROW-SOAP.
Inject antlers about every 2 to 3 inches from base of antlers to the end of the points . Inject into to veins if possible . Then spray outside the antlers with spray bottle . Inject fleshly areas with syringe . 
Qt $ 15.45         Gal $ 43.95           1/2 Gal $ 26.95 
Qt. $ 27.50       Gal $ 85.00              1/2 Gal $ 47.50
                   Qt. $ 27.00       Gal $ 89.00
Qt. $ 14.50         Pt. $ 9.00